ToolsGroup Amendment to Microsoft "Standard Contract"

September 2020

This Amendment adds and modifies the corresponding paragraphs of the Microsoft "Standard Contract" Contract

Ia. Scope of Use

The following clause shall be added:
Customer shall not: (a) permit access to, or use of, the Offering except, for Customer’s own supply-chain business operations; (b) include or use the Offering in the provisioning of any services to third parties, without a written consent of the Publisher; (c) use the Offering for research and development activities related to forecasting or inventory planning; or (d) cause or permit to any part of the Offering to be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted or transmitted in any form or by any means, except for the saving and printing of reports and other output produced by the use of License as contemplated by the Documentation.

IIIb. Statistical Performance

The following clause shall be added:
Customer authorize Publisher to use Customer Data in order to compile statistical information related to the performance of the Offering and make such statistical information publicly available; provided that such information does not incorporate (or enable a third party to derive) Customer’s name, Customer’s Data or other Confidential Information of Customer.

Xb Termination without Cause

In departure of the first sentence of paragraph Xb:
Customer may terminate the Offering in any moment, with no need to give advanced notice of such termination.

Vendor Feedback

Customer agrees to provide buying feedback following initial subscription, in the form of a short online survey provided by the Publisher.
Customer agrees to provide usage feedback following six months of subscription, in the form of either (a) 30-minute phone interview; or (b) online survey. This shall be initiated and conducted by the Publisher.