“Application Services” means the HIPAA-compliant provider portal within Deep Len’s VIPER clinical trials case management platform including, where appropriate, the VIPER digital pathology module, and all Deep Lens Content, including without limitation applications for facilitating identification of patients for clinical trials, site selection for clinical trials, analysis of real world evidence of clinical trial data for sponsors. “Clinical Trial Data” means all electronic images, annotations, data or information that Provider or any other User of the Applications Services links, submits or otherwise provides to the Application Services. For clarity, Clinical Trial Data shall not include Deep Lens Content. “Deep Lens Content” means all electronic images, annotations, data or information provided by Deep Lens or third parties to the Application Services (other than Provider and other Users of the Applications Services). User Behavior and Clinical Trial Data: (A). Deep Lens will have the right to monitor use of the Application Services to ensure compliance with the terms of this Agreement and evaluate and improve the performance of the Application Services. (B). Provider and Users may upload, link, enable access to, and otherwise provide Clinical Trial Data to the Application Services. Provider hereby grants to Deep Lens an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, fully paid-up, worldwide right and license to Use the Clinical Trial Data. “Use” in this section means the right of Deep Lens to use the Clinical Trial Data in its provision of Application Services and for analysis and product development and commercialization (provided that such use is in compliance with applicable laws), including, without limitation, for purposes of developing and implementing future products and improvements, developing and using internal databases thereof, making derivative works thereof, statistical analysis, and developing algorithms and learning and intelligence therefrom; Use shall also include the right to allow other customers and their users access to and Use of the Clinical Trial Data and derivatives thereof in connection with their use of the Application Services.