March 16, 2020 Additional Universal Terms and Conditions For the Microsoft Azure Marketplace A. DATAVISOR SERVICES 1. Description of DataVisor Services - DataVisor will provide to Customer a set of services and products designed to assist the customer with feature engineering, machine learning model development and live operations. 2. Services - The Services will be deployed in a cloud environment, paid and operated by DataVisor. Any additions to the Services specified below will result in a change of service subscription fee. B. ONBOARDING PERIOD AND TERMINATION The first 30 days at the beginning of the service period from the activation of the subscription is the production onboarding period (“Onboarding Period”). DataVisor will work with Customer to configure and set up the DataVisor Feature Platform for use. C. SUPPORT SERVICES Support Hours and Methods. DataVisor shall provide the following support: e-mail support at DataVisor will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to support requests within 24 hours of receipt of any request. Liaison. Customer’s support liaison will be named at the onset of the service. Customer may charge such liaison upon written notice to Customer from time to time at reasonable intervals. DataVisor will not be obligated to provide support to any person other than the designated liaison.