i. Reseller. If Customer is (1) Publisher's Reseller or (2) Publisher's Resell Partner who is acquiring a subscription to Offerings operated by Publisher for resell through Marketplace, Publisher also grants the Customer to distribute, sublicense, rent, lease, or lend the Offerings, in whole or in part, or use them to offer hosting services to a third party under the additional conditions, the Customer and Publisher both agree, as follows: (1) Publisher is an express beneficiary of this Agreement, and in acquiring a subscription to the Service, Customer expressly acknowledge and agree that Publisher shall have the right to enforce this Agreement against Customer. (2) Customer should make that third party who may access or use the Offerings comply with the section I" License to Offerings" of this Agreement. Definitions : “Reseller” and/or “Resell Partner” means any association, partnership, corporation or any other business entity which purchases or subscribe bulk quantities of Offerings from Publisher for resale distribution, directly or indirectly, or to End User.